BirthdayPak Expands to Kentucky and Tennessee

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. — BirthdayPak franchisee, Brandon Baltz, already the owner of the BirthdayPak of Indiana and the BirthdayPak of Ohio franchises, has expanded his holdings to include the BirthdayPak of Kentucky and the BirthdayPak of Tennessee franchises!

Brandon made quick work of building out the BirthdayPak of Indiana franchise, and he is on track to do the same in his newly acquired markets. Of course, having previous experience in both direct advertising sales and the hospitality industry has been key to Brandon’s success, but his drive and determination have contributed greatly to his accomplishments.  Way to go, Brandon!

BirthdayPak welcomes two new team members, Deric and Jessica Brown, with the BirthdayPak of Tennessee franchise.  Deric and Jessica are the business development representatives for the Tennessee franchise and are excited to get the market open.

The BirthdayPak business model has proven to be successful through the convergence of trusted cooperative direct mail and cutting edge digital marketing.  Plus, targeting consumers celebrating a birthday, living local to the upscale businesses featured in BirthdayPak, lead to recurring engagements for the advertiser.  There is no other direct mail franchise like BirthdayPak!

To learn more about owning a BirthdayPak franchise contact Chad Bickle, Vice President of Franchise Operations, at, visit or call 888-206-0083.

Source: BirthdayPak. Photo courtesy of BirthdayPak. 

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